Because why not update the site after two years…

Added some discography stuff. Been too busy.


(de)Tested: The new studio album from Jeremy Krull

So, from October 2012 until March 2014 I was hard at work on what has ended up being one of the most pivotal pieces of creative work I’ve ever done. It’s my first full length record of original music in almost a decade and it is called (de)Tested.



The album features guest appearances from Chris Brooks, Chris Feener, and Terry Syrek.

It will be released globally on May 13th of 2014, but preoders are open now through 

Also…SS work is still ongoing. Hire me, I’ll make your stuff sound not-shitty.



Happy New Year folks…


1. Editing/Mixing for the solo record, (de)Tested, begins when I get back to LA on the 8th of this month.

2. Mixed a single for Sarah Miles which appeared on her new Songs From The Attic EP, check it out here.

3. Mixed my first ever Christmas song for the folks in Operatika Element which you can check out here.

Stay tuned for more I guess…there are now TWO Facebook pages as well:

Strategic Sonics

Jeremy Krull




Yea no joke…September 2012 was the last time I updated this.

OKAY…so in case anyone actually reads this website, here’s an outline of all the updates since September 2012 (taking in a deep breath Ace Ventura style):


I’ve been in production on a NEW SOLO RECORD since October 2012, it’s called (de)Tested and it’s a full length record of crushing, tormented, visceral, painful, energetic music. It is to date the most emotionally pertinent material I have ever worked on in any capacity and I cannot wait to show you all it. Here’s some bullet points on that:

1. It has been consistently pushed back for completion because whenever paid Strategic Sonics work comes in, my personal work goes on hold. Priorities people, priorities.

2. Seven new full length songs, an intro, and four interludes, resulting in a 12-song album layout.

3. Yes there will be fretless guitar and fretless bass.

4. Yes there will be 7 string guitar.

5. Yes it’s all instrumental.

6. No I’m still not sure if there’s going to be live drums on it but if there are, I only have one drummer in mind for this and if he can’t do it then the drums stay programmed.

7. Anything else just ask.

OH and here’s links to all the existing YouTube content (because I’m doing that now too) concerning (de)Tested:


I have as of right now two records on calendar which will be started and wrapped hopefully before the end of the year. You’ll hear more about specifics as far as which bands/artists they’re for, but I can tell you they’re full production/engineering/mixing/mastering projects for me. Also, that does NOT mean my schedule is solidly booked, so please do not hesitate to inquire about any work you want done. I’m having a blast out here with stuff and it would be my pleasure to turn your artistic output into something beyond your expectations. 

I promise I will try and keep this more up to date but in case I don’t, I make (slightly) frequent posts from the Strategic Sonics Facebook Page . give it a  “like” if you feel so inclined.

Anyways it’s almost 4am, I’m sure this can’t make logical sense for that much longer.


Some minor updates to the discography…

I realized I totally forgot to add both the discography entries for Syrek’s “Machine Elves” album as well as Ashenveil’s “Black Of Light” EP. I’ve also added a track from the Syrek record for your listening pleasure.



…some big changes did in fact happen.


I’ve been living in beautiful artsy fartsy North Hollywood, California now since the first week of July.

As you can imagine, the studio made its way out as well, and in great form no less.

New room…new acoustics layout…great fun so far.

This obviously doesn’t change anything as far as mixing and mastering work goes…digital delivery was how 90% of the stuff was coming in anyways.

Put up a couple of pics of the new room…actually it’s more like one new pic and a pic of a garden gnome.

ALSO, there might on some occasions be more immediate updates to the Strategic Sonics Facebook page so be sure to check that as well.



ANOTHER Updatus Quasi-Maximus

Well it has been a while hasn’t it folks?

Terry Syrek’s Machine Elves record is DONE. Just printed the final mixes yesterday. It was a long process this one, but very rewarding. There’s stuff on this record (musically) that’s going to utterly blow people away. I’m so happy that he has new music ready to go, people owe it to themselves to check it out when it’s released.


Next week I’ll be starting a mix for the 5-song EP from New Jersey based band Ashenveil. They’re a blend of symphonic/gothic musical elements among other things. It should be a fun one. The band also features Yuri Liak (from Operatika) and I believe will also have Mike LePond (from Symphony X) on bass for this recording.


AH YES I almost forgot…Dark Empire’s new record “From Refuge To Ruin” was released worldwide as of March 27th, and has been getting great reviews across the board (AND you can listen to a track from the record in the Discography section of this site). This is a major triumph I feel (even if on a smaller scale) because the record was released with an extremely dynamic and quiet master courtesy of the incredible Scott Hull at Masterdisk. To me it’s a big deal, because no one really DOES that anymore (let alone with heavier music), and I don’t really think there was a better person to do it than Scott, because the normal stuff he works on requires so much attention to detail and nuance and I really feel like he put such a nice spin on the record sonically. If you buy the record and listen to it and it’s too quiet for you, TURN IT UP.


That’s all for now gang,


Updatius quasi-Maximus

Hello folks,


I realize updates/entries/news has been pretty scarce…until right now that is.

Terry Syrek’s record is coming ’round the bend…going to be way cool, very organic, very spacious…it definitely has a mood to it. Wait until you hear the awesome reworked cover song he did too (which I of course won’t spoil).

ALSO, the 2012 Winter NAMM show is coming up this week, and yes obviously I will be there. If anyone wants to come say hello, a good chunk of the show I’ll be at Vigier Guitars (booth 4762). Feel free to come by, shoot the shit, tell me how much I suck, all the usual stuff…

I hope everyone (more like the 2 people besides me who read this) had a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season.

As usual, surprises a plenty are coming.

Until next time,


Dark Empire album finished. Here’s what’s next…

WELL hasn’t it been quite a time since we saw each other last?

Between power outages, storms, Pro Tools upgrades…you name it…Dark Empire’s forthcoming album “From Refuge To Ruin” is officially finished and all the mixes are DONE. The album’s going to be mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk, we’re all very excited. I’m stoked for people to hear their new music, it really is their best release yet hands down (musically I mean).

Check out Dark Empire on Facebook here

And now for the newest new newer news….drum roll please…

In somewhat secret fashion (to most people at least) I have been working on another record alongside the Dark Empire record, basically editing/compiling/prepping it for mixing. I am just so extremely pleased and honored to announce that I will be mixing Terry Syrek’s new record tentatively titled “Machine Elves”. I cannot even begin to tell you how joyed I am to be able to do this for Terry. Those of you who know me probably know that I studied with Terry since about 1997 and he basically is the person most responsible for me being who I am today musically/playing-wise. The music he’s brought to the table for this record is beautifully heavy and atmospheric, it takes you on a journey (quite a few journeys actually). We’ll be hitting this thing full force starting this coming week most likely. Terry handles all the guitar, bass, keyboard, and vocal work while the very talented Greg Kalember handled drums as well as a large part of the engineering/production duties. Did I mention I’m excited for this one?

Laurie Monk at the Truth In Shredding site whipped up this awesome blurb about it here





Dark Empire tracking is complete.

I am extremely happy to report that as of about 5 minutes (and a slew of death vocals) ago, all the tracking for the new Dark Empire album “From Refuge To Ruin” is done. Mixing is going start on August 15th, faces will be slain, dogs and cats will live together, Bill Cosby will buy new sweaters, and marriages will be counseled.