Over the years of writing and recording my own music, I began to realize how much I loved the art of record production. At first it was a necessity that I learn and hone these skills because I wanted to document and create my own music on my own schedule no matter what. Obviously though, fascination took over and I began to experiment heavily with the recording end of things more and more.

Eventually I decided that not only did I want to produce, engineer, and mix my own music, but that I wanted to work with other talent as well.

Since 2003 I’ve had the fortune of being able to provide these kind of services for other artists and bands literally around the world, and since 2007 or so I have been operating under the name Strategic Sonics. It was originally just a cool and slightly more official sounding name, but over time it became useful because I wanted to differentiate me as a musician from me the producer/engineer. I’ve had some really amazing opportunities in my professional life thus far, and have had the chance to learn and work with some of the absolute best folks in the industry for this kind of thing.

It is both an honor and a privilege to offer my services and skill set, and I look forward to creating something great with you.

-Jeremy Krull