Well it has been a while hasn’t it folks?

Terry Syrek’s Machine Elves record is DONE. Just printed the final mixes yesterday. It was a long process this one, but very rewarding. There’s stuff on this record (musically) that’s going to utterly blow people away. I’m so happy that he has new music ready to go, people owe it to themselves to check it out when it’s released.


Next week I’ll be starting a mix for the 5-song EP from New Jersey based band Ashenveil. They’re a blend of symphonic/gothic musical elements among other things. It should be a fun one. The band also features Yuri Liak (from Operatika) and I believe will also have Mike LePond (from Symphony X) on bass for this recording.


AH YES I almost forgot…Dark Empire’s new record “From Refuge To Ruin” was released worldwide as of March 27th, and has been getting great reviews across the board (AND you can listen to a track from the record in the Discography section of this site). This is a major triumph I feel (even if on a smaller scale) because the record was released with an extremely dynamic and quiet master courtesy of the incredible Scott Hull at Masterdisk. To me it’s a big deal, because no one really DOES that anymore (let alone with heavier music), and I don’t really think there was a better person to do it than Scott, because the normal stuff he works on requires so much attention to detail and nuance and I really feel like he put such a nice spin on the record sonically. If you buy the record and listen to it and it’s too quiet for you, TURN IT UP.


That’s all for now gang,