WELL hasn’t it been quite a time since we saw each other last?

Between power outages, storms, Pro Tools upgrades…you name it…Dark Empire’s forthcoming album “From Refuge To Ruin” is officially finished and all the mixes are DONE. The album’s going to be mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk, we’re all very excited. I’m stoked for people to hear their new music, it really is their best release yet hands down (musically I mean).

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And now for the newest new newer news….drum roll please…

In somewhat secret fashion (to most people at least) I have been working on another record alongside the Dark Empire record, basically editing/compiling/prepping it for mixing. I am just so extremely pleased and honored to announce that I will be mixing Terry Syrek’s new record tentatively titled “Machine Elves”. I cannot even begin to tell you how joyed I am to be able to do this for Terry. Those of you who know me probably know that I studied with Terry since about 1997 and he basically is the person most responsible for me being who I am today musically/playing-wise. The music he’s brought to the table for this record is beautifully heavy and atmospheric, it takes you on a journey (quite a few journeys actually). We’ll be hitting this thing full force starting this coming week most likely. Terry handles all the guitar, bass, keyboard, and vocal work while the very talented Greg Kalember handled drums as well as a large part of the engineering/production duties. Did I mention I’m excited for this one?

Laurie Monk at the Truth In Shredding site whipped up this awesome blurb about it here