Audiohammer Studios (Home to my friends Mark Lewis and Jason Suecof. Great people both of whom I look up to and respect)

Dugout Productions (Home to Daniel Bergstrand, who is one of my absolute biggest influences and a great guy)

BiCoastal Music (as far as I’m concerned this is one of the absolute best tracking rooms around currently, owned and run by one of the absolute best people around)

Shaun Thingvold (Shaun Thingvold…what else is there to be said really? The man responsible for what I consider to be some of the best sonics in metal in the last 12 years or so. You didn’t think all those Devin Townsend and SYL records sounded the way they did due to osmosis did you? :) )

Gateway Mastering and DVD (Home to the legendary Bob Ludwig, who has been a great supporter of me for most of my life)

Masterdisk (Home to Scott Hull and Andy VanDette among others. Great people, great mindset, excellent work, AND they still cut vinyl)

Finnvox (Home to Mika Jussila, a veteran mastering engineer who’s done awesome work for me in the past. Also home to Mikko Karmila, who is generally a badass)

Finetune Mastering  (Home to Peter Van ‘t Riet, a true secret weapon when it comes to mastering, especially for progressive rock/metal)




Herman Miller (I simply couldn’t work for as long as I do in a day without my chair, there is nothing more to say)

Solid State Logic (Since owning my SSL gear, I haven’t done a single mix without it. It’s a beyond-legendary sound. Great and supportive company populated by truly caring and decent folks)

Klein + Hummel (I refer to my O300d’s as ‘The Truth’, and for good reason)

Toontrack (creators of both Drumkit From Hell Superior, as well as Drumtracker. Both are inspiring and vital tools for me. Mattias Eklund is a brilliant guy and a great friend)

Paiste (I have cymbals I KNOW track well that I almost always have on hand when producing a band. Time and time again they never cease to make me happy both as a player and an engineer)

Celemony (Creators of Melodyne. Without Melodyne my life would be a living hell. Peter Neubacher is a genius with an epic beard)

Wavemachine Labs (Makers of Drumagog. Often poorly imitated, however not equaled.)

Little Labs (Jonathan Little is a hoot and a genius. Everyone should have something of his, he basically makes the audio equivalent of Swiss Army knives)

Maxon Effects/Godlyke Distributing Inc. (Thank Kevin Bolembach for bringing these excellent little things into the states these days. I can count on one hand the times we HAVEN’T used an OD9 when tracking guitars)

DiMarzio (There has not been a guitar or bass track recorded here that hasn’t been connected via DiMarzio cable at some point in the chain. I must have rolled over these cables thousands of times with my chairs and they still work perfectly.)



Loren Khulusi at Loren Design (Aside from being an extremely talented producer/engineer as well as a great friend, he is an EQUALLY talented web designer and none of this would be possible without his work and support)