Strategic Sonics is a full range audio production service, handling anything from minor editing, to full blown start-to-finish record production. Here is a breakdown of the current services offered…



We can do a song together…we can do an EP together…we could do a whole full-length record together. Get in touch with me, this is an EXTREMELY variable process and very much depends on the music/artist among other things.


I offer either an attended or remote (via digital delivery) mixing service. No matter the size, it can be taken care of. Generally the rates are on a per-project basis, as different projects call for different needs. If you’re tired of people running your tracks through plugin presets like it’s an afterthought and are interested in a near-unparallaled attention to detail being brought to the sound of your music…please don’t hesitate to contact me.


I am available to track whatever you want recorded. Depending on the size of your project it might be more beneficial to hire out a larger studio, in which case I have access to a few of the best rooms currently on the east coast if not the entire country. Smaller tracking, overdubs and the like, can be done here if need be as well. My rates for engineering work are usually on an hourly or daily basis. As usual, it varies from project to project.


I do offer mastering either per single or per record. Although I do offer this service, I strongly recommend going through a dedicated mastering studio with an engineer that ONLY does mastering. I’ll be happy to field any inquiries you may have in regards to mastering, but if I point you to one of my colleagues, don’t be surprised.


Augmentation is just my nifty name for the tuning/quantization work I offer. I’m getting a lot of calls for this recently so I figured I’d offer it publicly. Generally I don’t really like doing excessive tuning or timing on tracks, because after a while it’s probably just best to re-track the part. HOWEVER, if you have something you want tweaked, please don’t hesitate to email me, we’ll talk it over. Rates vary for this service, and are usually “by the hour” depending on the depth of work required.


Editing by itself is available, but I usually offer it in conjunction with mixing work or engineering work. If you need tracks cleaned up before a mix, or tracks cleaned up after tracking so more tracking can be done over them, shoot me an email. Rates most certainly vary per project.


Want mix feedback? Want me to take a listen to some new music you’re working on? Equipment advice? It’s usually free. Contact me.