Well we’re now 7 days in…been pretty good. Lot of visitors, and a few new “likes” on the Facebook page .

News so far…new Dark Empire album titled “From Refuge To Ruin”, we go into mixing in August, we’re about 99.9% done with tracking. There’s not much I can really say, aside from that personally I think it’s their best songs so far (and I’ve been part of it since the beginning). Too many people want to try and constantly classify everything and stick it into a genre, I don’t really think the band cares, and it’s great. At points it will be the absolute heaviest material they’ve done to date and at other points it’ll conjure up memories of old 70s progressive rock. Should be fun, been a long process, but we’ve all been having fun doing it.

Two larger mixing gigs in the pipeline as well as tracking (and possibly mixing) for another bigger band. Also did a pretty sizable amount of work for Mick Guzauski and Chris Caswell over the last few weeks (I think we set some kind of record for how fast we were able to edit/prep/tune/mix a 14 song record).

Until next time, thanks for visiting, thanks for listening, thanks for the business,