OKAY…so in case anyone actually reads this website, here’s an outline of all the updates since September 2012 (taking in a deep breath Ace Ventura style):


I’ve been in production on a NEW SOLO RECORD since October 2012, it’s called (de)Tested and it’s a full length record of crushing, tormented, visceral, painful, energetic music. It is to date the most emotionally pertinent material I have ever worked on in any capacity and I cannot wait to show you all it. Here’s some bullet points on that:

1. It has been consistently pushed back for completion because whenever paid Strategic Sonics work comes in, my personal work goes on hold. Priorities people, priorities.

2. Seven new full length songs, an intro, and four interludes, resulting in a 12-song album layout.

3. Yes there will be fretless guitar and fretless bass.

4. Yes there will be 7 string guitar.

5. Yes it’s all instrumental.

6. No I’m still not sure if there’s going to be live drums on it but if there are, I only have one drummer in mind for this and if he can’t do it then the drums stay programmed.

7. Anything else just ask.

OH and here’s links to all the existing YouTube content (because I’m doing that now too) concerning (de)Tested:



I have as of right now two records on calendar which will be started and wrapped hopefully before the end of the year. You’ll hear more about specifics as far as which bands/artists they’re for, but I can tell you they’re full production/engineering/mixing/mastering projects for me. Also, that does NOT mean my schedule is solidly booked, so please do not hesitate to inquire about any work you want done. I’m having a blast out here with stuff and it would be my pleasure to turn your artistic output into something beyond your expectations. 

I promise I will try and keep this more up to date but in case I don’t, I make (slightly) frequent posts from the Strategic Sonics Facebook Page . give it a  “like” if you feel so inclined.

Anyways it’s almost 4am, I’m sure this can’t make logical sense for that much longer.